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All You Need Is An Hour, And Our Help!

Woman on a fall walk

During the Autumn months, we become inundated with messages about the holidays being right around the corner. Once we get through the bustling holiday season, there is a New Year to contemplate (and more parties to plan). Come Springtime, we take to the garden and the gym to get ready for Summer, and the summer months are spent traveling and recuperating from the rest of the busy year. These are only the major cornerstones of the average year. Throw in the busy day to day activities like work and homework and shuffling kids to and from their various activities and you can see why it is so easy to forget a little Me Time. And by Me Time, we mean true pampering that prolongs beauty.

Skin Care & Cosmetic Treatments

If you are in the area of our Fresno dermatology office, all you need is an hour or so. With that little bit of time, we can help you rejuvenate, refresh, and retain the beauty of your skin. Most people realize the convenience that is available thanks to dermal fillers and Botox. Because these treatments are so commonly referred to as a “lunchtime makeover,” there is no need to discuss them here; except to say that injectable solutions are affordable, convenient, and comfortable for anyone who wants to look younger. Beyond Botox, easy and effective treatments to consider include:

  • Chemical peels. A chemical peel may not be what you think. Only deeper peels cause several days of redness and swelling. If your skin is feeling rough and looking dull, a light chemical peel, which takes only about an hour, can be performed to improve radiance without side effects.
  • Body sculpting. We offer two types of body sculpting that do not require surgery and downtime. Patients who are close to their ideal body weight and want to minimize localized deposits of fat can obtain desirable results with CoolSculpting or SculpSure. Each treatment is based on innovative technology that melts fat cells without requiring downtime.
  • Many people are plagued by overactive sweat glands in the underarm area. MiraDry non-invasive treatment reduces sweat production significantly starting after the very first treatment. As a nice “side effect,” patients also tend to notice hair reduction in the area of treatment.

There are numerous ways to look and feel your best without having to spend hours in a dermatologist’s office or medical spa. Discover how we can work with you to achieve your beauty goals when you call 559-435-7546.


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