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At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we have the treatments to address the appearance of cellulite and help you feel beautiful.

Around 85 percent of women suffer from unwanted cellulite, so if you have concerns, you’re not alone.  Because of the nature of cellulite, diet and exercise do not always do much to alleviate it’s appearance. There are 3 things that cause those dimples: Fibrous bands under the skin that cause tension and the signature dimpling, thinning of the skin, and enlarged fat cells. Fortunately, there are multiple skin rejuvenation options we can offer at Behr Laser & Skin Care Center to address your cellulite concerns.


How Does This Issue Occur?

The exact cause of cellulite is currently unknown. However, this strange skin issue seems to occur due to an interaction between the connective tissue below the skin and the layer of fat underneath it. In women, fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically. When there is excess fat in the body, these cells protrude into the layer of skin, giving it that characteristic dimpled appearance. In men, this tissue has a criss-cross structure, which may explain why it is less likely for men to have this problem.

Cellulite on a woman's body

How Do I Know If I Have Cellulite?

The most telling signs of cellulite are having dimpled skin and excess fat in a specific region in the body. The characteristic uneven skin texture of this issue can have an almost bumpy, rippled appearance. Thankfully, this concern doesn’t pose any significant health risks and therefore does not require medical attention. However, aesthetic treatments can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite without the need for invasive procedures. If you are unhappy with the way your skin looks, we can provide effective treatment options to help improve the appearance of your skin.

Treatments for Cellulite

At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we offer Avéli™ for cellulite dimpling reduction. The principle behind these treatments is to release the tension underneath your skin. By severing some of the bands that hold your skin in place, the fat cells are given room to disperse underneath your skin, and the cellulite gradually fades resulting in smoother appearing skin. We also offer dilute Radiesse®, Ultherapy®,  and Potenza™ among other treatments to help thicken and tighten the skin and promote collagen production. At your consultation, Dr. Behr will work with you to decide which treatment is best suited to help you meet your beauty goals.


Cellulite Reduction in Fresno, CA

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