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Avéli™ Cellulite Reduction

Avéli™  is a minimally invasive procedure designed to target and release septa underneath the skin causing a cellulite dimple.

Setting the new standard in cellulite reduction. Cellulite is a depression of any shape or size seen on the surface of the skin, typically on the buttocks or thighs, affecting up to 90% of skin. One of the main underlying causes of cellulite are the fibrous bands, called septa, that put tension on the skin, creating the appearance of cellulite. Diet and exercise will not improve the appearance of cellulite, and it is important to note that cellulite is not laxity, poor skin quality, or fat. And it’s not your fault! 


What Is Avéli™ Cellulite Reduction?

Avéli™  is a minimally invasive procedure designed to target and release septa underneath the skin causing a cellulite dimple. The procedure is performed during an office visit and allows our providers to see and confirm in real-time that they are releasing the culprit septa – delivering long-lasting, visibly smoother skin in the treatment area with little to no downtime. 

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What Does This Treatment Address?

This treatment is a long-term reduction in the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thigh area of adults. 

How Does Avéli Cellulite Reduction Work?

Avéli™ is a no-nonsense approach to treating cellulite based on a deep understanding of women’s anatomy. While many treatments approach cellulite blindly from the outside-in, Avéli™ identifies and releases the primary structural cause of cellulite from the inside-out in a single minimally invasive procedure with little downtime. Avéli™ is an option for a range of women across the cellulite severity spectrum. The procedure is performed by one of our trained providers and uses a handheld device to manually target and release the complicated web of septa bands causing cellulite dimples.

Avéli™ addresses the primary structural cause of cellulite in 3 steps:

  1. Our highly trained staff inserts the Avéli™ device under the skin directly to the targeted dimples.
  2. We identify the culprit septa bands causing a dimple, those septa are precisely released.
  3. Your provider can confirm their release in real-time, delivering visibly smoother skin quickly after the procedure.
  4. You will receive long-term cellulite reduction in cellulite dimples from a single, minimally invasive in-office procedure, Avéli™ could be for you! 

What Can I Expect?

Once your Avéli cellulite reduction procedure is complete, you’ll be on your way to achieving a meaningful reduction in the appearance of your cellulite! We know you’ll be anxiously waiting to see your results, which will be visible shortly after the procedure and once any swelling and bruising subsides. Minimal downtime is to be expected after the Aveli procedure. 

You may want to take it easy, but most patients return to normal activities one day after the procedure. You can engage in light physical activity during the first 14 days, but extreme physical activity should be avoided until healing has completed. You may experience mild discomfort & pain a few days after the procedure as well as possible leakage from the insertion sites that should resolve within the first week. Within one-month post-procedure you will see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and 90 days post-procedure you will begin to see final results. At that time, we will want you back for a follow-up and to take photos.  

Before and After Avéli™ Results


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