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miraDry® Sweat Less is an effective solution for those struggling with hyperhidrosis. Schedule your consultation at our Fresno, CA center.

Underarm sweat is bad enough, but having to deal with it all the time can get really frustrating. Persistent wetness under the arms impacts both physical comfort and our self-esteem. If odor coincides with wetness, the management of personal hygiene can become a chore as well. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with excessive underarm sweat a moment longer. At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, our own Dr. Behr offers an innovative solution to end hyperhidrosis for good. It’s called miraDry® Sweat Less, and it can do wonders to help you look and feel more comfortable.


What Is miraDry® Sweat Less?

miraDry® Sweat Less is a procedure that uses non-invasive, FDA-cleared technology to dramatically reduce sweat, odor, and hair growth! This revolutionary system safely and effectively targets the glands that produce underarm sweat and causes them to become dormant. No toxins or painful injections are needed for this treatment. If embarrassing underarm sweat, stained clothing, odor, and frequent antiperspirant application are interfering with your daily life, you may be good a candidate for miraDry®.

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What Does miraDry® Sweat Less Address?

This system is a perfect choice for addressing hyperhidrosis symptoms related to excess sweating and foul odor. Unlike BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, miraDry® does not involve any injections. This system instead utilizes miraWave™ energy to heat your skin in a controlled and effective manner. The procedure prevents your glands from producing excess sweat, allowing you to feel more comfortable.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The miraDry® treatment process is straightforward. The entire visit takes approximately 60-90 minutes. Before we begin, numbing medication is administered to the underarm area. Each underarm area is then treated within approximately 20 minutes. The procedure targets sweat and odor glands at a depth of 2mm to 5mm below the skin’s surface. When these glands absorb the miraWave™ energy, they heat up in a controlled manner. This heating induces thermolysis or controlled deterioration. Both sweat and odor glands respond similarly to the gentle energy delivered during treatment, facilitating immediate and lasting improvement. Underarm sweat ends for good because the glands that decompose by thermolysis do not return and no new glands grow back to replace them.

What Results Can I Expect?

The best part of this treatment is its long-lasting results! Initially, after treatment, underarm sweat production may cease altogether. As swelling subsides, a degree of sweating is expected to return. Clinical data on miraDry® patients demonstrate a high degree of efficiency for both hyperhidrosis and osmidrosis (foul odor). In one clinical study, patients rated their satisfaction at 90% and experienced a sweat reduction of 82%! 

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