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AviClear Acne Treatments

AviClear is the only FDA-cleared energy device for mild to severe acne breakouts.

Introducing the future of clear skin. Active acne is a thing of the past with this state-of-the-art technology. If you struggle with acne and have never been able to find a solution, the AviClear laser is the problem solver that you need! Significantly eliminates acne in three, quick 30-minute treatment sessions. Your current and future breakouts don’t stand a chance as you notice shorter, less intense, and more infrequent breakouts following the AviClear treatment.


How Does the AviClear Acne Treatment Work?

AviClear is the only FDA-cleared energy device for mild to severe acne breakouts. AviClear uses the power of laser light to selectively target and suppress sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. Acne is complicated and can be brought on by many factors such as pregnancy, menstruation, PCOS, puberty, and menopause. There are triggers as well such as hormones, stress, diet & environment. As dead skin cells and pollution mix in the skin’s sebum, your pores can become clogged and in turn create a cycle of stubborn breakouts. 

The strategy behind AviClear is to downregulate the sebaceous glands to stop/minimize sebum production and in turn leads to halting acne breakouts. During treatment, skin will be dampened to use 1726nm wavelength technology which is ideal for targeting sebum absorption. AviClear was created to redefine the way we treat acne without the use of prescriptions. 

Who is a Candidate for AviClear?

The answer is: everyone. The AviClear laser can be used on all skin tones, and the severity of acne breakouts can range from minor to major. With AviClear using the 1726nm wavelength technology, it is possible to just treat the sebaceous gland and not any of its surrounding tissue which in other lasers can lead to hyperpigmentation. 

There is no age limit on AviClear either, we can treat all severities of acne from mild to severe. This means a teenager can come in and begin treatment, as well as any other adult suffering from breakouts. A perfect solution for parents who do not want their child to go on oral medication for acne and is less invasive than other treatments on the market. 

What Results Can I Expect? 

The best results from AviClear are expected after a series of 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. In clinical studies, 91% of patients responded to treatment and 80% saw at least half of their acne clear. During treatment, patients can expect a slight snapping sensation but are for the most part comfortable. Following treatment, you will notice redness and swelling 1-2 days post-treatment. Patients have noticed that dryness and itchiness can occur and may last a few weeks & may experience an acne flare-up immediately following the first treatment but will subside after the second or third treatment.  Other than that, AviClear has little to no downtime, and you can expect to carry on with the rest of your day’s plans following treatment. 

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