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At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we happily provide Renuva® to address just about every aspect of collagen loss.

Still you, only better. Discover this groundbreaking treatment, that when injected, gradually replaces age-related fat loss with your body’s own fat. It is used to restore volume in the face, hands, and body in a short in-office procedure. We begin to lose our collagen in our 20s and as we age continuously lose more and more. Even as this filler is eliminated from the body, it is replaced with the body’s very own fat, leaving lasting results.

At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we happily provide Renuva® to address just about every aspect of collagen loss. As a dermatology and aesthetics expert, Dr. Behr offers this treatment and more to help you reach your beauty goals with minimal downtime and maximum results.

What is Renuva®? 

Renuva® is the first off-the-shelf treatment that helps replace age-related fat loss with the body’s own fat. When injected Renuva® creates a honeycomb-like matrix that is then filled with the body’s own fat. Over the course of the 3-6months post treatment the Renuva® matrix is slowly eliminated by the body, leaving only the patient’s own fat. While most dermal fillers feature hyaluronic acid as a primary ingredient. Renuva® is an allograft adipose matrix composed of collagen, proteins, and growth factors derived from donated and purified fat. It is a thick, gel-like substance that is injected into the sub-surface tissue. 

Where Is Renuva® Injected?

Renuva® is used to restore volume in the face, hands, and body in short, office procedure. Wherever you naturally have fat we can inject Renuva® such as the temples and buttocks. 

How Does Renuva® Work?

Once Renuva® is injected your stem cells will separate and new fat cells will emerge that will continue to make new collagen matrix. It basically triggers your body’s fat production. It is injected in the anatomical layer that is supposed to be in and causes a more natural affect in your body. The thinking behind this collagen producing injectable is to enhance the body’s own reparative abilities. 

When Can You Begin Seeing Results?

Results from this treatment aren’t immediate like other dermal filler alternative. It takes a few months to see its benefits, as your body continues to make fat. The best takeaway from this filler is that it lasts up to ten years in the body. Other injectables last 6 months to a few years so this is groundbreaking. 

Pre and Post-Procedure Instructions

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