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Which Body Contouring Treatment Is Right For You?

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We all like to feel good about the shape of our body. It’s a natural human instinct that has only grown stronger as we have come into the digital age. Not only do we see images of beautiful bodies everywhere we turn, but we also commonly see images of ourselves on social media. If you want to love what you see, and you don’t at the moment, we can help. Body contouring is in demand and readily available. We are here to help you determine which approach will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Weight And Body Contouring

It doesn’t matter what type of body contouring you may be exploring – surgical or non-surgical – weight is one of the primary factors to consider. In instances of more substantial fat reduction, we may recommend liposuction. This procedure, which may involve tumescent fluid targets fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or other areas relatively easily. Still, patients are encouraged to obtain treatment when they are near their ideal body weight. Fortunately, this is pretty easy.

Ideal body weight is a range that correlates with your height. It is not an exact weight; it is a range. For instance, a woman standing five-and-a-half feet tall has an ideal weight range of 118 to 154 pounds. That may be far more lenient than you had expected.

Within the range of ideal body weight, men and women may have the opportunity to choose between liposuction or non-surgical body contouring like SculpSure or CoolSculpting.

What Your Skin Has To Do With Body Contouring

Fat reduction isn’t the only aspect of body contouring. In addition to looking at overall weight, we also must observe the skin. Laxity is a common problem that is sometimes mistaken for excess fat. If skin and muscle elasticity is not corrected when necessary, the end-result of treatment may leave something to be desired. Before body-sculpting procedures, we evaluate the condition of muscle and skin tightness and, if needed, recommend an appropriate procedure to maximize the outcome of treatment.

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