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Want To Ditch Your Double Chin? Visit Your Fresno Dermatologist For Kybella™

A double chin can be quite the problem. Many people assume that excess fat beneath the chin is a direct result of excess weight throughout the body. The truth is that this problem, called submental fullness, is more related to genetics than body mass. If you are at a healthy weight and struggle with the embarrassing problem of a stubborn double chin, you have a few options to improve your appearance – and your confidence.

The Home Remedy Approach

Some people suggest that home remedies can tighten the muscles beneath the chin, thereby minimizing submental fullness. Common techniques to accomplish this goal include massaging the area with cocoa butter or wheat germ, applying eggs to the skin on the neck, and performing daily facial exercises, sometimes referred to as facial yoga.

If you have tried any of these methods, you may already know that they are not likely to give you the results you want. Which leads us to the other end of the spectrum . . .

The Surgical Approach

Historically, the most effective way to banish bulge under the chin has been to remove unwanted fat via the liposuction procedure. In addition to being a more costly approach, cosmetic surgery is certainly not without risk. That being said, modern liposuction procedures will dissolve and vacuum fatty deposits in the most expedited manner.

If you want a more attractive chin but aren’t interested in the cost and time investment of cosmetic surgery, you have a new choice.


Patients of Fresno dermatologic surgeon Dr. Kathleen Behr can throw out the cocoa butter and stop performing countless facial exercises when they choose to treat their double chin with Kybella™. This innovative injectible solution is the first of its kind, formulated to – quite literally – dissolve submental fat.

Kybella™ is a medication which includes the key ingredient deoxycholic acid. This substance is made in the body, which makes it safe and not likely to cause an adverse reaction. Its role in the body is to break down dietary fat, making it ideal for focused application. Kybella™ treatment involves the precision administration of the FDA-approved drug using a guide applied to the upper neck area. A few sessions are necessary to achieve dramatic, lasting results.

Are you ready to banish your chin bulge? Schedule your Kybella™ consultation at (559) 435-SKIN (7546).


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