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Stubborn Fat? See Why SculpSure Laser Treatment Can Help!

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With the sedentary lifestyle most of us have today, it can be difficult to achieve an “ideal” shape. Even if you eat well and exercise as often as you can find the time, the fact is stubborn fat is stubborn. This is especially true in the midsection, where visceral fat tends to accumulate oh so easily. Patients of Dr. Behr can say goodbye to unwanted fatty deposits and hello to improved confidence when they choose SculpSure™.

How SculpSure™ Works

There are a few notable methods of non-surgical fat reduction that are popular today. Each is designed to deliver thermal energy to the tissues beneath the epidermis. SculpSure™ does this with safe, proven laser light. In a treatment session that takes only about 25 minutes, fat cells in deeper layers of tissue are targeted for destruction. As they absorb thermal energy, they become super-heated. Superficial tissues, however, are not disrupted or damaged. The targeted cells go through a process called apoptosis, cellular death through controlled biochemical events.

How SculpSure™ Stacks Up

When you want to sculpt the body without surgery, you want to do your homework. The value of a treatment comes from much more than cost; it also comes from the results that can be obtained, and the convenience of the procedure itself. This is where SculpSure™ stands out. Because the two sides of the midsection, or the flanks, can be treated simultaneously, treatments are shorter in duration. Because the delivery of thermal energy occurs with one of several uniquely-designed hand pieces, not through panels that pull and heat tissue, the process tends to be more comfortable.

SculpSure™ also offers comparable results to other non-invasive fat reducing treatments. Prompting a natural biochemical reaction in targeted cells, this treatment causes progressive changes beneath the skin. Over several weeks, the body eliminates treated cells, and the area of concern whittles away. All with no incisions and no downtime. If needed, the process can be repeated after 2 to 3 months.

Dr. Behr and her highly trained staff use a number of different modalities to achieve each patient’s desired outcome. In addition to SculpSure™, we also perform fat and cellulite reduction with Vanquish, CoolSculpting, and other innovative technologies. This means you have choices!

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