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Skin Tightening Treatments – You Have Options!

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Normal facial aging is unavoidable, although we all progress through this process at our own pace. One of the aspects of aging is that the fatty deposits that plump the skin decrease a little each year. As this happens, skin becomes wrinkled, thin, and saggy. It isn’t just the loss of volume underneath the surface that ages the skin, our declining elastin and collagen also play a role. That is why many of the best skin tightening treatments used today focus on encouraging the production of these vital chemicals.
There are a number of ways in which the appearance of the skin can be improved. Here are just a few of the options you may consider:

There are a number of ways in which the appearance of the skin can be improved. Here are just a few of the options you may consider:

There are only so many high-tech facials you can get. What you do on a daily basis will make or break the pampering your skin gets. In order to maximize your dermatologic health, you need to find skincare products that meet your needs at this moment. Our aestheticians can help you with that. Many of our patients are encouraged to use products with antioxidants, retinol, hyaluronic acid, or growth factors. We carry several different brands in our office, understanding that every person has his or her own needs and preferences.

Dermal Fillers
Fillers may be overlooked for their skin-lifting capabilities because they are primarily used to restore volume to features such as the lips and cheeks. Fillers can do much more. While they fill in hollow areas and smooth away wrinkles, some fillers also stimulate collagen production for long-term benefit. These injectables may be used to rejuvenate the backs of the hands, and may lift the jowls by adding contour to the cheeks.

High-tech Treatments
In our Fresno dermatology office, patients may choose between radiofrequency or ultrasound based on the degree of skin tightening they desire. Our ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight treatments restore a more youthful appearance to the lower face and around the eyes. A few treatments are usually needed to achieve the desired result. Ultherapy treats the face, neck, and chest with focused ultrasound energy. Only one treatment is usually needed to progressively improve the appearance of the skin.

The great thing about Ultherapy and Thermi- treatments is that there is no downtime or noticeable side effects to speak of. Most patients can return to their day looking forward to positive changes in their skin.

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