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What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that uses ultrasound technology to improve loose or lax skin on the face and neck. There are other procedures that claim “skin tightening”, however, this is the first procedure that has been cleared for actual lifting of skin tissue.

Ultherapy Fresco CA

With Ultherapy, we can treat below the surface of the skin without ever disrupting the top layer of skin. There is minimal downtime, and our patients typically can return to their normal activities right away.

While some patients notice immediate tightening, results are expected to occur over a matter of three to six months. For optimal results, patients should consider yearly treatments to combat the ongoing affects of age and gravity.

Are you a candidate for Ultherapy?

Both women and men who have skin laxity without excessive sun damage are great candidates for Ultherapy. The eyes are often the first place to show the effects of gravity in the form of laxity on the eyelids or a more ‘closed’ appearance. Tightening the skin on the forehead can lift the brow, which in turn alleviates the hooding of the lids and restores a more refreshed and open look around the eyes.

There is also tremendous demand for “shrinking” the skin on the cheeks, along the jawline and under the chin back into a more youthful position or contour.

Younger patients, increasingly, are taking a proactive approach to anti-aging, seeking medical treatments that can help to slow down the clock instead of waiting and turning it back. Because Ultherapy addresses the foundational layers providing support to the skin, it is complementary to other skin rejuvenation procedures geared to surface issues.

What results can you expect from Skin Tightening treatment?

Patients will enjoy some noticeable effects immediately following the procedure, but the ultimate lifting takes place over a 3-6 month period.  It takes a little time for the collagen to be rejuvenated and supplemented with new, stronger collagen created by Ultherapy™. While not a replacement for the dramatic effects of surgery, Ultherapy™ offers a “minimal downtime” approach to significantly improving lax skin.

For optimal results, patients should consider yearly treatments to combat the ongoing effects of age and gravity.

Ultherapy with Dr. Behr Dermatology

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