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Men Are Kicking Their Double-Chin To The Curb With Kybella

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Kybella was a much-anticipated treatment that hit consumers with a one-two punch to the double-chin. As if men were not already gaining interest in injectable solutions to help them age as they would like, Kybella only fueled that flame. Submental fullness does not discriminate; it affects men and women of all ages and shapes and sizes. The problem has relatively little to do with weight, and a lot more to do with genetics. Whatever is the accumulation of under-chin fat, we do not have it. Patients across the globe are taking advantage of this opportunity to melt that fat for good.

Kybella Meets The Unique Needs Of The Male Face

The masculine face is one that has sharp, defined angles. As a double-chin overrides the jawline much of the time (especially when it is pushed above the collar of the button-up shirt!), the masculinity of the face softens. Kybella can change all that.

Kybella is a solution of deoxycholic acid, a natural compound that the body uses to dissolve fat. The issue is, we don’t have enough deoxycholic acid to keep us slim and toned forever. Introducing this substance to small, localized areas of fat (sorry, not for the tummy – yet!) induces destruction. At first, cells that absorb the Kybella fluid will swell. This may increase the appearance of the double chin slightly for a few days. Gradually, though, the cells will shrink and self-destruct.

Men of all ages can reduce submental fullness with Kybella. Most men have thicker skin than their female companions, so more treatments may be needed to achieve similar results. 3 to 5 treatments are sufficient. These are scheduled several weeks apart, giving the body opportunity to eliminate previously treated fat.

An Important Note About Kybella

Kybella treatment reduces fat, which is intended to add contours to the lower face, specifically to the jaw line. When the skin has lost elasticity, it is possible that it will appear looser after the fat has been destroyed. We perform a thorough assessment of the skin before treatment. If necessary, skin-tightening may be conducted with Ultherapy ultrasonic treatment.

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