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Face, Meet Botox®: Get To Know An Old Friend

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Wrinkles and creases and frown lines, oh my! For many of us who are experiencing the signs of aging, the process of getting older is just not all that exciting. Sure, we may be better at speaking up and feeling confident in our decisions, but we also want to feel confident in how we look. Signs of aging such as crow’s feet and sagging brows create dissatisfaction. Patients of Dr. Behr have a trusted resource they can turn to when they want to revive their youthfulness. In our office, one of the go-to treatments is Botox®.

What It Is

Botox® is the original injectable solution for anti-aging. It is based on a highly-purified protein that has strong roots in therapeutic care for patients with certain muscular conditions.

How It Works

Both therapeutically and cosmetically, the botulinum toxin A protein works by inhibiting nerve transmission. The brain may still send signals for certain muscles to contract, but these messages are not received. The treated muscle remains smooth and relaxed. The easing of muscle tension on the forehead and around the eyes has been proven to restore the look of youthfulness to overlying skin.

What It Does

  • A quick office treatment treats fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, as well as frown lines.
  • Botox® can release the drooping brow from the downward pull of muscles situated at the upper orbital rim. The result is more open, energized eyes.
  • Excessive underarm sweating can be diminished with Botox® treatment.

5 Things To Consider

  1. We seek to keep it natural. This means “less is more” is a great motto when it comes to Botox®.
  2. Treatment is appropriate for most patients, except for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Talk with your doctor about the ideal schedule for treatment if you are trying to become pregnant.
  3. Your doctor needs to know about medications you are taking. Blood thinners, aspirin, and ibuprofen could increase the risk of bruising, as can some natural supplements.
  4. It is ideal to get Botox® treatment from a trained, licensed physician or approved nurse injector. Parties are fun, but they may not be the best place to try out Botox® treatment, unless you know the qualifications of the physician injector.
  5. Botox® isn’t just for women. Guys love the results they get from “Brotox” treatment!

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