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Your Skin Is Not Average, So Your Skin Care Routine Can’t Be Either

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The very term “skincare” implies that the products we use on our skin are caring for it. Based on this suggestion, repeated often through savvy marketing, many people believe that their daily skin care routine provides the support that is needed to prolong youthfulness, clear blemishes, or corrects the signs of aging. It may take months to realize that daily cleansing and moisturizing aren’t enough. Here, we discuss why and what your skin needs to remain as resilient as possible to the effects of aging.

Problem Number One

The first mistake that people make when caring for their skin is not understanding what their needs truly are. Aging skin may be cared for with store-bought products that contain retinol, without an understanding of what retinol do or if what they do is good enough. Also, many people do not realize that the ingredient concentrations in mass-produced products are not designed for clinical results, and yet they are marketed to achieve them.

Problem Number Two

These first two problems often go hand-in-hand because the norm is to buy products from a big retailer or an online store without professional consultation and skin assessment. Going along with the mistake of making uneducated choices about skincare products is the mistake of applying products to the skin day in and day out without ensuring that the skin can even absorb them. This mistake can exist even when people spend a great deal of money on their products. Without absorption, no product can work. To ensure absorption, it is necessary to remove the layer of debris that accumulates on the epidermis. This layer, made up of dirt, makeup, oil, bacteria, and skin cells, continually blocks the penetration of products until it is removed. In our Fresno office, we do this with medical-grade facials, microneedling, and laser skin resurfacing. These treatments not only eliminate pore-clogging debris but also stimulate the production of healthy new collagen.

Additional factors that influence how well your skincare routine works include daily hydration, nutrition, and daily removal of makeup. Another mistake that many people make is not washing their pillowcases weekly to remove bacteria, oils, and other skin-irritants regularly.

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