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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Pumpkin soup

Do you know that old holiday song? It expresses how many of us feel about the weeks that stretch from the end of November right into January. During this time, we are more likely to think of all that we are grateful for; we may even get a little more to add to our list. The holidays give us more opportunity to feel childlike, to revel in treats and time with friends and family. While you do this, know that what you put in your mouth might just affect your skin in ways you don’t want. In this holiday edition blog, we want to talk about the Winter foods that we want on our plates, and those we do not.

Thumbs up for . . .

  • Pumpkin. This flavorful, colorful Winter fruit is good for the body in several ways. Its vitamin C content support immunity and it also fights free radicals that age the skin. The carotinoids in pumpkin offer the benefit of reversing UV damage.
  • Cranberry sauce. We don’t sit around the fire eating fresh cranberries; these tiny pieces of fruit are reserved for the sauce we flavor our food with. They may also be included in certain concoctions that pleasure the palate. While the average cranberry sauce may have its fair share of sugar, it also has loads of antioxidants that promote healthy collagen.
  • Coffee. Recent studies are showing us just how good it can be to start the day with a Cup O’ Joe. As it pertains to the skin, coffee actually has properties that give us added protection against nonmelanoma skin cancers. According to one study, just one cup raises our resistance by 10%.

Thumbs down for . . .

  • Alcohol. The holidays tend to offer us ample opportunity to cut loose and over-indulge in the bubbly. Alcoholic beverages may contain sugar, which breaks down collagen. They also steal water from the body and can quickly lead to dry, dehydrated skin.
  • Sweet treats. As mentioned, refined sugar has a negative effect on collagen, which we need for firm, supple skin. Many sweet treats also have white flour, which exacerbates the effects of sugar.

Dr. Behr and the team in our Fresno dermatology office wish you a bright holiday season.


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