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What Clovis Dermatology Can Do For You

Every part of the body is important, including the skin. It is only appropriate to take care of your skin and to deal with any problems as soon as possible. Of course, the best person to approach is a dermatologist. These professionals are experts in skin health. Moreover, they have knowledge on different problems that affect the entire body, and not merely a person’s complexion.

Visiting A Dermatologist

In our Clovis dermatology practice, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kathleen L. Behr will assess the condition of your skin and provide appropriate treatments. You will be prescribed with medications depending on the issue. Dr. Behr will also give advice on how to take care of your skin.

Dr. Behr is the perfect person to approach if you want to have a skin care routine that promotes healthier and cleaner skin.

What To Expect During A Consultation

When you visit Dr. Behr for a consultation, she will first perform an assessment. You will be asked several questions about your skin like symptoms you are experiencing. Dermatologists need to know your background including your diet, skin care products you use, and any allergies you have.

Services Offered

Dr. Behr offers several cosmetic services including Latisse, Botox, Laser Skin Resurfacing and Laser Hair Removal among others. She also provides skin cancer treatment as well as information on how to prevent skin cancer. Furthermore, Dr. Behr offers some of the most popular skin care products such as Obagi.

To learn more about dermatology services in Clovis, schedule a consultation with Dr. Behr by calling 559-435-SKIN (7546). Dr. Behr is a skin care expert who has extensive knowledge and experience in cosmetic and surgical dermatology. Your dream of having smoother skin and better skin texture is now within your reach. Call today and find out how Dr. Behr can make your dream a reality!


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