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We’ve Got The Anti-Aging Strategies You Need

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Years ago, aging was a problem to be endured. Now, we’ve got a plethora of techniques that can help us look the way we want when we want, regardless of age. In our Fresno office, it isn’t our intent to stop anyone’s aging process. What Dr. Behr and our team prioritize is presenting solutions that help each of our patients manage the effects that are bound to coincide with growing older. Here, we detail a few of the concerns that most people express at some point and what can be done to correct them.

Sagging Skin

Lines and wrinkles aren’t the real problems of aging. The reason we get many of the creases we do is that our skin loses elasticity with age. There are two reasons for this. One is that elastin production tends to slow down as we get older. A healthy diet rich in nutrients can help offset this. Another reason for the loss of elasticity is that sun exposure breaks down the matrix of collagen and elastin fibers that lie in the dermis.

Sagging skin coincides with volume loss to make concerns like nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, and crepey neck skin more noticeable with each passing day. Corrective measures may include:

  • ThermiTight radiofrequency skin tightening delivers energy beneath the skin for maximum collagen remodeling.
  • Vivace RF microneedling induces collagen remodeling by creating tiny channels in the skin and inserting radiofrequency energy into them.
  • Ultherapy is a proven ultrasound technique that deposits ultrasound waves into the deep plane of tissue to restructure the skin’s foundation.

Body Concerns

So many changes can occur throughout the body as we get older. Fatty tissue can accumulate in the most unexpected places, skin sags above the knees, even the intimate parts take a turn for the worse. To correct body concerns, our patients may turn to:

  • CoolSculpting treatment to freeze a muffin top, flanks, arm fat, or a double chin.
  • EMSCULPT sessions are like a sweat-free workout for the deep muscles of the buttocks or abdomen.
  • Cellulaze emits laser energy to disrupt the bands of tissue that create cellulite.
  • Emsella treatment specifically targets the pelvic floor to improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

The beauty concerns that you face at any age have solutions. Let’s explore them together. Call 559-435-7546 to schedule a consultation in our Fresno office.


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