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We’re Dethroning Incontinence In Twenty-Eight Minutes

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Vaginal atrophy is not a problem we talk much about. It’s symptoms, however, such as incontinence, can change the way a woman lives her life (toilet-mapping, anyone?). If you wake up several times a night to use the bathroom, cannot make it through a movie or a sneeze, or have curtailed the kinds of exercise you do due to urinary leakage, we are going to assume you’d like to improve your situation.

Many women have expressed a strong desire to feel more confident in their physical wellness. Many have been frustrated at the lack of viable treatment options for incontinence related to vaginal atrophy. For several years, the primary option for correcting conditions like stress urinary incontinence was to have a mesh or sling surgically implanted near the bladder to support control. These options proved to present more risks than benefits and have since fallen out of favor among doctors and patients. Does this put us back to square-one in addressing the issue of incontinence? Not in the least!

New Ways To Kegel

Many women remember hearing from their mothers that Kegel exercises would one day be a must. Rarely do we listen to Mom’s advice. By the time Kegel’s could do some good, we’ve already begun to suffer the effects of loose vaginal tone. Let’s face it, Kegel exercises feel inconvenient. They can be performed anywhere at any time, and yet very few women do them. There’s an alternative.

The first way in which vaginal atrophy was treated nonsurgically was with radiofrequency energy. ThermiVa is an example of a radiofrequency platform designed to improve the condition of the vaginal canal. We are pleased to offer ThermiVa in our Fresno office and have achieved good results with many women. However, no technique is ideal for every person. For this reason, Dr. Behr has added the Emsella device to our practice.

Emsella is the first of its kind. What looks like a normal chair is actually a powerful throne of electromagnetic energy. Not any energy, high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation (HIFEM). This is the same, safe energy that is involved in the average MRI. The method of use, however, takes that energy and delivers it deep into the pelvic floor muscles to cause supramaximal contractions. In less than 30 minutes on the chair, a woman will “complete” more than 11,000 Kegels without even trying.

There are several benefits found in Emsella treatment. Patients appreciate that the procedure is completely non-invasive. There is not even a need to get undressed. At first, the sensation of HIFEM energy can feel strange. However, no pain results from treatment; not during, not after. After a series of approximately 6 treatments scheduled two-per week, patients have obtained satisfying improvement in not only stress incontinence, but also in nocturia, overactive bladder, and mixed incontinence.

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