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The Weather Is Changing, And So Is Your Skin!

Two women watching leaves fall

Hoodies and hot chocolate and Halloween. These are just a few of the many, many reasons we love Fall! This change in season is probably one of the sweetest, especially with the record-breaking heat and lengthy lack of rain we seem to experience in California. Of all the novelties of the Fall season, there are a few things that need to be said about this time of year. Primarily, we should look at how this change in weather – sweet as it is – can affect your skin.

  1. Cooler weather can dry out your skin. It would seem logical that it is the sun that would lead to dry skin. However, we have discovered over time that the air becomes dryer as the temperature drops. That means that Fall is a great time to stock up on those sweetly scented body butters that sing to your senses. Even better, find creams that contain natural ingredients without all the additives, such as alcohol, which counteract the intended goal. And don’t forget your lips! Apply a nice, thick lip tint or Chapstick routinely throughout the day to prevent peeling and chapping.
  2. Lower temps can create sensitivity. We may become emotionally sentimental during fall simply because we are psychologically preparing for the winter holidays (by watching all the sappy movies we love!). A drop in temperature can also lead to sensitive skin. This can be soothed with your choice in gentle moisturizer, and also by cutting back on the exfoliating treatments you may have been doing all summer long.
  3. Summer has left its mark. It may not be until well after the summer season that you notice the evidence of time spent in the sun. UV damage does not require you to be a sun-worshipper. On the contrary, just running your errands without sunscreen can lead to problems like sun spots. During the cooler months of the year is when you help your skin to renew. This may include a retinol product or professional treatments like chemical peels.

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