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Tips For Skin Screenings At-Home

One of the most important steps you can take to keep an eye on your overall health is to perform regular skin screenings at home. These self-evaluations will never take the place of an annual professional dermatological screening. However, by being aware of your skin’s dark spots and general condition you will be more likely to notice sudden changes and catch any potential disease or cancer early.

While skin cancer can be a scary disease, most types of skin cancer can be effectively treated when caught early. This makes skin screening at home more important than ever.

If you’re ready to begin regularly evaluating your skin at home be sure to take note of the location of your moles and any dark sunspots or freckles. Additionally, pay close attention to any blisters or raised clear spots on your skin. These may appear to be blisters, however they will behave differently in that they will not go away with time. If they do disappear they may be likely to reappear in the exact same location or even become larger with each recurrence.

Additionally, if you notice any sudden red, scaly or dry patches of skin that do not subside and have not been diagnosed as another skin care condition – discuss this with your doctor.

Finally, once you have taken note of these conditions be sure to monitor them monthly for any changes in symmetry or color. If you notice any sudden irregularity in the borders of your moles or if they become itchy or bleed, it’s time to visit the dermatologist for an examination.

By taking these simple steps to keep an eye on your skin health in between doctor’s visits you’re likely to catch any skin disease, including cancer, early – which leads to faster and more effective treatment.


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