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The Power Of Light

Aside from traditional skin rejuvenation procedures, we like to keep things up to date by offering the latest technology from skin rejuvenation as well as other cosmetic procedures.  As part of this program, we have included photo rejuvenation as part of the services that we offer.

Photo rejuvenation uses intense concentrations of broadband light.  Unlike lasers that use focused light, broadband light has been found to be better absorbed by brown and red pigments that are in the skin.  Photo rejuvenation penetrates the upper layer of the skin as well as the lower layer.  But its unique technology allows for the treatment to be effective and reach the dermis without causing damage to the superficial layer through the use of chilled crystals that protect the skin.  This is why it’s becoming more and more popular in our practice.

Although photo rejuvenation was intended to treat sun damage and reduce its appearance, treatments also result in a smoother skin texture and reduced appearance of fine lines in our patient’s face.  This can be used on any part of the body that exhibits signs of sun damage like the face, the neck, the shoulders, the chest, and the hands.  The improvements from photo rejuvenation are gradual and our patients are advised to get regular treatments to decrease the appearance of sun damage, improve the overall skin texture, and to make the skin color more uniform.

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