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Survey Says: Plumping Your Lips Could Boost Your Confidence!

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman

Over the past several years, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of adults seeking care from an experienced dermatologist or cosmetic plastic surgeon. Alongside this rise in interest in aesthetic treatments, ongoing research continues to provide us with valuable details related to current trends. At the moment, the noteworthy topic of discussion is how undergoing some type of cosmetic enhancement, lip plumping or something else, can positively affect a woman’s confidence as a whole.

Inner Confidence From Outward Beauty

The fact that women report a desire to feel good about their appearance does not mean that they do not value qualities that demonstrate their inner beauty. On the contrary, it would make sense that any person, man or woman, would feel more confident if their outward appearance reflected all the beauty that comes from within. Some of the details of current research on woman and aesthetic treatments include:

  • There is some expectation addressing concerns such as under eye bags or sagging skin will improve one’s feelings of self-confidence.
  • Approximately 75% of women in one study reported an interest in aesthetic treatments in order to like their own appearance better, not necessarily for friends or a significant other.
  • American women report a greater interest in looking good overall than in treating specific signs of aging.

In addition to reasons for seeking aesthetic treatment, another exciting aspect of research is the feeling of social acceptance surrounding treatments like dermal fillers.

Why Today’s Treatments Are Different

There is a certain sense of uplifting that comes from any change to appearance. Women (and men) may have a little more bounce to their step after a good haircut or color, or when wearing a new item of clothing. Handling aesthetic concerns with dermal fillers, Botox, or other professional care, though, seems to provide a bigger boost that lasts far longer than what is possible from other beautifying treatments.

It is not necessarily that cosmetic enhancement can bring about feelings of confidence. A healthy sense of self-worth is the base on which the bolstering from aesthetic treatments is built. We are happy to help our patients manage their beauty with one on one care.


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