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Stop Your Excessive Sweating With MiraDry

Do your hands, feet and underarms sweat so much that you’ve started to feel self-conscious about your condition? If you are experiencing sweating to the point that it is staining your clothing, making you uncomfortable and interrupting your life – rest assured that there are treatments available.

Excessive sweating, a legitimate medical condition also known as hyperhidrosis, can become troublesome in many social and even in professional interactions. Stop the anxiety, and consider professional treatment today. If left untreated your condition may worsen or even cause other dermatological conditions such as rashes.

Dr. Kathleen Behr is proud to offer MiraDry as a treatment option for patients who are experiencing excessive sweat. If you’ve been trying powerful over the counter antiperspirants, or even prescription strength products with little success or short-lived results it may be time to upgrade to MiraDry.

MiraDry is one of the latest, FDA approved, technologies for eliminating excessive sweating. It is non-invasive and provides a significant reduction in underarm sweat. There is no pain, risk or recovery time involved when receiving MiraDry treatment and the process is much less intensive that surgical options. Your results should last for several months and you will notice the MiraDry improvement immediately.

If your excessive sweating is interrupting your life it is time to consider new options. Contact Dr. Kathleen Behr today to learn more about how MiraDry can help you.


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