Silhouette Instalift

What is Silhouette Instalift?

Silhouette Instalift is a minimally invasive, resorbable suspension suture with bi-directional cones.  The sutures lift and reposition the subdermal tissue while the bi-directional cones hold the suture and facial skin in an elevated position.  The suture and cone material are both made of PLGA (same thing as sculptra) and over time they stimulate the fibroblast for gradual collagen maturation and are designed to reposition volume in the mid-face while giving a very natural looking result.

Who is a candidate?

Patients with good skin quality, neither too thick/heavy or too thin skin and tissue that can be mobile during examination are the optimal candidates.

Who is NOT a candidate?

Patients with excessive heavy skin, localized rhytids that requires more than Instalift, hypertrophic type aging, thick skin or very thin skin with little to no underlying fat tissue.

Is there downtime/pain during procedure and when will patients see results?

Moderate swelling and/or bruising as well as possible dimpling can occur and usually resolves over 1-2 weeks.  Patients should not experience any pain during insertion of the sutures aside from the local numbing to the entry and exit points and results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks and maximum results noticed at 6 months.

How many threads will the patient need?

Certain areas of the face/neck require more sutures than others and the number of threads needed for each area will be determined at the time of the patient’s consultation.

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