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Set Healthy Habits For Glowing Skin

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What are your top resolutions this year? Do they reflect a desire to maintain healthy, glowing skin? If so, you will be happy to know that dermatologic health is pretty easy to come by. Here, we will discuss some of the simple habits you want to bring into your skincare routine this year.

Slough It Off

Stress, that is. The amount of stress the average person carries on a daily  basis may make you think we were all still actively running from predators. The modern-day predators look more like a nagging boss or mountain of debt than a saber-tooth tiger, but they can be just as powerful. The body responds readily to stress, sending cortisol flowing through the veins. Excessive stress is a major culprit of aging skin, as well as acne. Don’t worry, you needn’t take up meditation to guard your glow; just find ways to unwind that are fun for you, such as journaling or a walk outdoors.


Did you know that a large percentage of the population walks around dehydrated more often than not? That means your body – including your skin – may be crying out for more water on a daily basis. Slathering on moisturizer is not enough. The skin needs to be fed from the inside out, and that means you need to consume a fair amount of water every day. Experts say drink as many ounces as half of your body weight to make sure all of your organs are sufficiently hydrated.

Make A Rainbow On Your Plate

We have touched on a few of the foods that feed the skin in recent months, such as pumpkin and cranberries. The good news is that there are numerous benefits that come from eating a whole-food, fresh-food diet that fills your plate with a rainbow of colors. Here’s some good news, chocolate is included on the list of top 10 skin-saving foods! Just be sure you choose at least 70% cacao. According to one study, green and yellow peppers have wrinkle-fighting carotenoids that help women, in particular, prevent premature aging around the eyes.

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