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Restore Lost Volume With Radiesse

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Are you starting to notice the early signs of aging, especially on your face? The face is one of the first places to show your age, especially the mid-face and cheek area. Radiesse is a highly effective dermal filler product that works to restore lost volume in the cheek area by stimulating the growth of your own natural collagen. Radiesse can leave you with beautiful, dramatic and natural-looking results.

Radiesse is the dermal filler of choice for many of Dr. Behr’s patients because of the long lasting results it offers. Also, Radiesse is non-toxic and non-allergenic which is necessary for many dermatology patients. Radiesse uses substances naturally found within your skin to build up the area immediately under your skin, providing structure and the appearance of new volume. You will notice results right after your first treatment, but will continue to see an improvement for months following your injections. Your results should last a year or longer.

Radiesse works well for men and women alike and can improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, including those tough marionette lines around your mouth. It can also correct skin depressions and scars.

Radiesse is also popular among our busy patients because it can be performed on a lunch break in less than an hour, and there is no need for downtime. You may experience some swelling around the injection site but this is normally very minimal and can be covered with makeup.

If you’re ready to reverse the effects of time and restore your lost facial volume with Radiesse, contact Dr. Kathleen Behr today for an appointment or consultation.


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