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Complex A+ #728

Complex A+ #728


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  • 1.3% Retinol with ZO’s Microemulsion delivery – think Wrinkle + Texture Repair at nearly 3x the strength
  • Retail price is $95
  • Designed to be used like a Tretinoin cream – it will induce a very significant acute inflammation for deep dermal response and repair and should be used to treat aggressively for pulsed periods of treatment time – great for severe acne and acne scarring, advanced signs of aging, blending with HQ protocols
  • Contains Bakuchiol and ZOX12 for amplified results and antioxidant protection
  • Excellent for pre-treatment protocols and “dialing up” results for patients already acclimated to their ZO retinols
  • Should ALWAYS be recommended by a provider that has evaluated their patient’s skin and required monitoring – we will cover this in our upcoming Zoom webinars. This should not be sold aa “retail” product to anyone who requests it

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