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Ok, New Year! Let’s Do This!

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The New Year is here. Are you feeling it? Has the promise of a new chance forced you into yet another gym membership or diet plan – or both? We feel you. This normal transition into a fresh start can feel great for a while. But then life sets in and gets in the way of our goals. Rather than struggle through another year of trying to get the body you want, we suggest creating new strategies to get you where you want to be. Sure, it’s advantageous to eat well and exercise regularly. But you might gain a lot more if you do just a little more with our help.

Your Best Body, Your Way

In our Fresno office, patients can find countless ways to slim down and tone up.

If slimming down means losing those final pounds that just seem to hang around year after year, you may not need surgery to achieve your best body. There are several non-surgical modalities that are commonly used to force fat elimination and, in some cases, skin-tightening, too.CoolSculpting. Natural fat reduction can be stimulated with freezing temperatures, but you don’t have to jump into a frigid body of water to do this. CoolSculpting is the proven, comfortable treatment that emits freezing temperatures through two cooling panels situated on the skin. Results occur gradually but can last permanently with good lifestyle habits.

SculpSure. On the other end of the fat-reduction spectrum, we have heat. Through various-sized panels, this device disrupts fat cells with deep-heating action. Like the CoolSculpting premise, heating fat cells also causes the body to perceive cells as damaged. Elimination through the lymph system occurs over several weeks. In addition to destroying unwanted fat, the laser energy during SculpSure treatment also causes collagen and tissue contraction for tighter skin.

Cellulaze and Cellfina. Cellulite is not a fat problem, it’s a tissue problem. Beneath the skin are perpendicular strands of connective tissue that pull downward. Fat cells then push outward against the fibrous matrix, causing the skin to dimple. Cellulaze is a laser treatment that thickens the skin and diminishes pockets of fat. Cellfina manually severs the bands of tissue that pull on the skin, eliminating the cottage cheese appearance.

Let’s Not Forget Toning

For years, the focus has been on fat reduction and skin-smoothing. Now, technology has found a way to actually tone muscle tissue. We are pleased to offer EMSCULPT, the sophisticated new way to get a six-pack. This device emits energy deep past the dermis to force intense muscle contractions that far outdo anything that is possible in the gym.

Head into this new year with confidence that you will see the results you want. Contact us today to schedule your body-contouring treatment, call 559-435-SKIN (7546).


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