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Mohs For The Elimination Of Skin Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer, no matter how small or large your cancer, it is a scary prospect. Not only do you need to seek out the most qualified medical professional that you can find, but you also need to consider the most safe and effective surgical procedures available for removing your skin cancer.

Mohs micrographic surgery was developed in the 1940’s but has evolved over recent years to be one of the most convenient and effective ways to treat your skin cancer. Mohs is also effective at preventing the recurrence of skin cancer. In fact, Mohs boasts a 99% cure rate for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

How does Mohs work?

Mohs works by combining the processes of surgery and lab pathology to remove your cancer cells. Your cancerous skin cells will be surgically removed and immediately examined to determine where your cancer ends and healthy tissue begins. This precision allows for smaller wound scars and also ensures that all of your cancer is removed in just one procedure.

Doctors that perform Mohs surgery must be specially trained in both aspects of the procedure. Dr. Behr has completed a one-year post-residency fellowship in Mohs surgery. This makes her a specialist in the area. In fact, since completing this special training, Dr. Behr has performed several thousand successful Mohs procedures.

Don’t risk your lifelong health when it comes to the removal of your skin cancer. Mohs surgery is precise, effective, and the procedure most likely to prevent the recurrence of your skin cancer. Contact Dr. Behr for more information today.


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