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Look Younger And More Vibrant With Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you are getting older and have started noticing lines and wrinkles appearing on your face, why wait to seek treatment? Over time the appearance of your wrinkles will only deepen and require more extensive treatment to remove than if you attack them early.

If topical products are no longer effective on your wrinkles, but you’re not quite ready for a surgical intervention, consider a laser skin resurfacing treatment today. Dr. Behr is proud to use the UltraPulse CO2 laser for all of her laser skin resurfacing procedures. This laser is considered the gold standard for this procedure within the dermatology community. It allows your doctor to precisely control where your laser treatment is applied as well as how deep the laser treats your skin.

The laser works by remaining cool on the surface, but stimulating collagen below the skin’s surface. Collagen is naturally found in your skin, but over time can lose it’s volume and elasticitiy. The UltraPulse laser will bring newfound vitality to your collagen, improving the overall appearance of your skin, including the smoothing of deep wrinkles.

When you visit Dr. Behr for treatment you can rest assured that you’re seeing an experienced medical professional. Dr. Behr has been performing CO2 laser resurfacing treatments for almost 20 years. Specifically, she has been using the UltraPulse Fractional CO2 laser for almost 10 years and continues to see excellent results with minimal side effects and patient downtime.

Don’t watch your wrinkles deepen over time when a remarkable and simple solution like laser skin resurfacing is available. Contact Dr. Behr and schedule your initial consultation today!


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