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Latisse For Longer Lashes

Hypotrichosis is a condition of having inadequate eyelashes. Eyelashes are the eyes’ assets – they make the eyes look more profound and attractive. That is why it is unquestionable why most women wish to have much longer eyelashes to beautify their peepers. Latisse in Fresno is the cosmetic procedure that can make those wishes come true.

The Latisse process

This procedure is done to affect the growth of one’s eyelash by lengthening its anagen phase and thereby increasing the number of hairs during the phase where hair growth starts to develop. This procedure produces gradual results, usually with a noticeable improvement within two months, according to majority of our patients.

What to expect during treatment

During the entire Latisse treatment, you will notice changes in length. After a few days, thickness and darkness of your lashes will then gradually improve. Even if you’re already satisfied by the eighth week of your treatment, it is advisable not to stop there. The full effect of this treatment will usually show by the 16th week. Until then, you may visit the doctor shall you consider continuing with the treatment.

What to consider

Although this treatment has been proven safe and effective by the FDA through its clinical trials, it still poses side effects that one must take note. Latisse can cause eye itching or redness; this is according to 4% of our patients under the clinical trial. It may also produce darkening of the skin around the target site, eye irritation and dryness, and a redness of the eyelids. Furthermore, using prescription drugs for eye pressure problems can affect the course of the treatment, so it is better to consult your doctor before undergoing the treatment.

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