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It’s Laser Hair Removal Season! Do You Know What To Expect?

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Laser hair removal may be a very common procedure, but there is still a bit of mystery around it. Patients may know they can get rid of unwanted hair and may even know they’ll need a series of treatments to achieve this. These are basic tidbits of common knowledge. Here, we want to tell you what the pros know about this treatment and how their experience can help make your experience a good one.

Setting Expectations

The first misconception that we often face with patients is the idea that laser hair removal is permanent. Perhaps a better way to look at this process is as laser hair reduction. Is it likely that all of your hair will grow back? No. Will you ever have to dust off your shaving skills again? Probably not. However, patients should be aware that some hair follicles may someday become active after laser hair removal. If this does happen, it’s an easy fix. Just schedule a laser treatment to zap those follicles back into dormancy.

Preparing For The Best, And The Worst

We’ll get right to it; laser hair removal might sting a bit. Actually, patients describe the uncomfortable sensation more like relentless rubber-band snaps on their skin. Fortunately, treatments typically don’t last long. Also, as the hair follicles become increasingly disabled, discomfort tends to decrease.

There are steps that can be taken to minimize the discomfort of laser energy vaporizing thousands of strands of hair. These include:

  • Shave before each treatment. The day before laser hair removal, it is wise to shave the treatment area. This keeps all treated hair within the follicle, decreasing the elevation of heat in the skin. (Just don’t pluck or wax)
  • If you are having laser hair removal on the face, do not wear makeup to your appointment. Believe it or not, pros say that this is something many clients resist. The problem is, makeup products can absorb the heat of the laser beam. Not only can this hurt at the moment but it could burn the skin. Just don’t. Once treatment is over, the makeup can go right back on.
  • Emotional comfort can be just as crucial as physical comfort when it comes to concerns about laser hair removal. Depending on where you want treatment performed, you’ll have to get used to the idea of someone seeing your private parts. To a pro, your naked body is just one in a long line of others they see regularly. They promise they won’t remember a thing about your body once your treatment is over.
  • About those private parts. Some patients wonder if it is dangerous to have a laser beam shooting so close to soft, delicate tissues. It’s not. However, treatment should only be conducted by a properly trained, board-certified medical professional.

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