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What Your Fresno Dermatologist Knows About Summertime Skin Woes

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Now that the heat of summer has reached a high, a lot of us are thinking about what effect this could have on our skin. Of course, we have to mention that sunscreen is a must for ultimate protection from skin cancer and premature aging. But sunburns and the damage they cause are not our topics of discussion today. Summertime, and the heat that goes along with it can lead to frustrating problems that make you want to take cover. Don’t be caught off-guard by:


Because we tend to sweat more in the summer months, there is a common perception that the skin won’t become overly dry. In reality, all that sweating could leave the body dehydrated; and one of the first places where dehydration shows is the skin. If you start to notice itching on your legs, arms, or other areas of skin, this is a good indicator that moisture may be desperately needed.

  • Drink water throughout the hot days of summer. Gulping down an entire glass is counterproductive to hydration. Sipping is more effective, and it can be more pleasant, too.
  • Keep a habit of taking cooler showers. Water on the lukewarm side is much less aggressive toward the skin. Consider soaking in a tub with hydrating rose water or other solutions that pamper the skin.
  • Apply lotion right after a shower, while moisture is still close to the surface. Also, apply throughout the day as needed to keep moisture locked in


The warm summer days make it easy for the skin to become loaded with oil, which collects debris, which invites bacteria. The domino-effect of heated skin can land you smack-dab in the middle of a breakout. That is unless you have a few strategies up your sleeve.

  • Use light-weight cosmetics, sunscreen, and moisturizer during summer months. These are less likely to clog pores.
  • When you sweat, dab the skin dry rather than wiping. This gentler action reduces stress, which can mitigate irritation.
  • Moisturize adequately. If the skin becomes dry, more oil may be produced to make up for this and, you guessed it, a breakout!

Changes in weather and your day to day routine will inevitably lead to dermatologic consequences. Stay informed, stay prepared, stay clear. Contact our Fresno dermatology office for the professional care you need.


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