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Fresno Botox: Goodbye Frown Lines

As people age, the face could produce unwanted facial lines such as wrinkles, frown lines, and the likes. Activities of daily living can also be one’s source of stress which could also be a factor for these lines to appear. Since the face is the most noticeable part of the body, having fine lines can easily depress one’s self-confidence. Fresno BOTOX will prevent that from happening.

How it works

BOTOX is a state-of-the-art technology which uses purified protein, a substance that relaxes the muscles in the targeted area where it is injected. By injecting this treatment, the pesky appearance of wrinkles and frown lines will be significantly reduced. The procedure is only minimally invasive, which means that treatment will be comfortable for the patient. Post-treatment, patients can easily resume to their daily activities immediately. However, a topical anesthesia can be administered by the patient’s preference.

Patient safety

The BOTOX technology is completely safe since it is FDA approved. It is a highly effective procedure that has provided so many patients for over 20 years with favorable results lasting from three to five months. It has been considered safe to administer by the FDA since 2002.

Side effects to take note

Considering the administration through injection, it is normal for the patient to experience some minor redness, swelling, and bruising on the specific target site. However, these effects can be alleviated through pain medications and ice packs for the swelling. The treatment could also result to drooping of the eyelids, headache, nausea, and at very rare cases, respiratory infection. These discomforts are only temporary within a few weeks, though.

With the BOTOX technology, 97% of our patients have been completely satisfied with the outcomes. Dr. Kathleen Behr makes sure of this by guiding the patient with their queries throughout the treatment. Contact our experts today at 559-435-SKIN (7546) for an appointment.


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