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What Is Fat Transfer Treatment?

As you age your skin begins to lose its fullness. This occurs on the face but also in the lips and on the hands. As the collagen in your skin breaks down and elastin is lost, your skin can sag and wrinkles may form. This is especially common in the delicate skin found around the eyes and the thin skin of the lips.

Brunette woman with full lips

Fat transfer treatment improves the fullness in your face by transplanting your own fat cells from one area of the body to the face, hands or lips. Fat transfer injection is a popular method for filling the skin because it uses your body’s own fat cells. Doing so means that you will have no allergic reaction and more natural looking results. The visual benefits of fat transfer injections also last significantly longer than other injectable cosmetic products.

Recovery from fat transfer treatment typically takes just a couple of days and results can be seen in just one or two treatment sessions. Contact us to learn more about dermal fillers, including the use of your fat cells, today.


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