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Vascular Lesions

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While often referred to as “skin abnormalities,” vascular lesions are typically no more than birthmarks or benign growths . Being born with a blotch on your skin is rarely a cause for concern. In fact, some people wear their birthmarks with pride. Others, however, may view their marks as unpleasant and annoying. This is especially true if the birthmark is on the face and/or an unusual shape. If this is the case, birthmark removal or reduction may be a good choice. Other vascular lesions that result from sun damage or age include dilated vessels on the face and cherry angiomas anywhere on the body. Dilated vessels on the face can be unsightly and give the skin an uneven tone. Cherry angiomas are small red slightly raised bumps on the face or body. At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we provide effective treatment for all vascular lesions with our range of amazing laser options. Schedule your appointment today and experience all the benefits of our truly cutting-edge approach.

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How Do Vascular Lesions Develop?

Vascular lesions come in all shapes and sizes. Hemangiomas appear shortly after birth as faint pink discolorations and then darken over time, becoming either bright-red or bruise-colored. These can occur on the face or body. Early treatment, even quickly after birth, can lead to excellent results. Acquired vascular lesions include blood vessels, cherry angiomas, and pyogenic granulomas. Dilated vessels on the face can occur with sun damage, rosacea, or trauma. They appear as linear red marks and cause an uneven skin tone. Cherry angiomas occur just by chance or genetics. Pyogenic granulomas are lesions that occur in kids, pregnancy or trauma.

What Are the Signs?

Signs of vascular lesions are quite easily seen but can vary in appearance. Your birthmark may appear lighter or darker than the rest of your skin. It can also be red, flat, or raised. These strange marks can appear just about anywhere on the body. If present from birth, birthmarks don’t typically pose health risks. Vascular lesions that develop later in life are mostly cosmetic, but If you notice a mark on your skin that you’re concerned about, Dr. Behr is happy to examine it and give you her diagnosis.

Addressing Vascular Lesions

At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we’re staffed by a team of professional dermatologists led by Dr. Behr. We’ve been serving the needs of the Fresno community for over 20 years and are happy to assist you with your skin care concerns. If you notice an abnormal lesion on your skin, don’t panic! We offer diagnostic and non-invasive services that can alleviate the problem and help you feel confident again. Some of our most popular laser treatments include:


Treating Vascular Lesions in Fresno, CA

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