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Torn Earlobes

Do you have torn earlobes due to gauging? We can help! Schedule your appointment in Fresno, California today.

Earlobe piercing openings can become stretched or even completely torn through. Gauging can also result in torn or enlarged openings and distortion of the earlobes. This can distract from your look and make it difficult or impossible to wear earrings. Dr. Behr can help surgically repair torn earlobes and also rejuvenate it with hyaluronic acid filler. Whether you’re looking for repair, or simply a change of style, our team at Behr Laser & Skin Care Center can help.


What Causes Torn Earlobes?

Heavy earrings or getting an earring pulled on can cause torn earlobes. Tears and earlobe distortion due to gauging are also common. The elasticity and vascularity of most ears is impressive, but any lobes stretched farther than 8mm enter what is known as “the point of no return.” Once pushed beyond this point, earlobes can no longer snap back into place. Thankfully, earlobe repair services are available, and can be done at our Fresno center.

Torn earlobe treatment

Treating Torn Earlobes

At Behr Laser & Skin Care Center, we provide earlobe repair surgery for those struggling with damaged ears. Dr. Behr performs this procedure personally in our Fresno center. It is a small surgery done under local anesthesia to repair the tear. After the procedure, it may take about three months for your scar to fully heal. However, the treatment itself requires minimal downtime and no medication. As with any surgical procedure, earlobe surgery does carry some risks including bleeding, infection, and scarring.


Repairing Torn Earlobes in Fresno, CA

If your earlobes are damaged due to injury or stretching, we can help. Our dedicated team offers repair services to anyone struggling with earlobe damage. Get started and schedule your consultation by filling out the contact form below or calling us at (559) 435-7546. We look forward to hearing from you!


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