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How Clear + Brilliant Can Help You Age Beautifully


The fact that we have so many ways to control our aging process can tell us that most people share a common thread: we want to age beautifully. Aging is a given, but it doesn’t have to be a frustration. We love being able to help patients of our Fresno dermatology office address their cosmetic concerns. That’s why we have an extensive menu of services. Each treatment has unique benefits. Here, we want to point out how Clear + Brilliant laser treatment can make the aging process more pleasant.

What Is Clear + Brilliant And What Does It Do?

Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser device that gently treats early signs of aging. The mild nature of this treatment makes it ideal for younger patients whose interest lies in postponing the onset of aging. Clear + Brilliant is less aggressive than other fractional devices, such as Fraxel, but it still promotes internal rejuvenation that results in smoother, brighter, more resilient skin.

The way that Clear + Brilliant fractional laser treatment works is by targeting microscopic points on the skin’s surface. When precise wavelengths of laser energy penetrate these points, tiny channels are created in the superficial layer of skin. Not enough to cause noticeable side effects, and not enough to create a need for downtime; just enough to incite a wound-healing response. The controlled impact of this minor fractional treatment results in tissue regeneration as well as increased collagen production.

Because Clear + Brilliant is so gentle on the skin, this is a treatment that can be added to your skin care regimen on a yearly basis, or even more frequently.

Is Clear + Brilliant Right For You?

Dr. Behr is a recognized cosmetic dermatologist in the Fresno area. Her training and experience help patients determine the treatment or treatments that are most appropriate for their needs, budget, and desired outcome. Clear + Brilliant treatment has become increasingly popular since its emergence just a few years ago. We presume this may be because more people have realized they can get ahead of their aging process and offset the sun damage that naturally occurs even among those who wouldn’t describe themselves as sun worshippers.

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