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Can We Put A Stop To Cellulite?


Cellulite may just be one of the most prevalent cosmetic problems to affect women (and a few men). It has been estimated that 90% of women see cellulite in at least one area of the body. You know the look: dimples, lumps, “cottage cheese.” We don’t have to go into the appearance of it, but we do think it’s worthwhile to look into what causes cellulite in the first place. Without doing that, we can’t discuss what can be done about this unnerving problem.

What’s Behind Cellulite?

The question about what’s behind cellulite would be better stated as what is in front of it, or above it. We have long been led to believe the cellulite equals fat. If you’re not overweight, you won’t get cellulite. That has been well myth-busted at this point! Cellulite is a problem with the weave of fibrous septae, aka collagen cords, which run beneath the skin. These cords can become interwoven with fat cells. When they do, they clump them together in tight little colonies. Why this happens is the next question. Theories include:

  • Smoking and lack of movement are two factors that have been implicated in the development of cellulite.
  • What a woman eats seems to play a part in cellulite according to studies that indicate industrialized countries have higher instances of cellulite than less-developed countries.
  • Female hormones such as estrogen, in combination with thyroid hormones and insulin, seem to create a higher risk for women to develop cellulite.
  • Just another reason to curse those genes! If Mom or Grandma have cellulite, chances are you will, too.

Getting To The Good Stuff

Cellulite is notoriously stubborn. Because it is not related to excess weight as much as we have been led to believe, little hope has come from the development of fat-reducing procedures such as liposuction. Now, there is the reason to celebrate. In our Fresno office, patients wanting to bid farewell to cellulite can do so – without surgery! Two innovative treatments, Cellfina, and Cellulaze, have demonstrated promising results in the elimination of cellulite for up to a year or more.

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