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Busting Myths About Laser Hair Removal

“I would schedule laser hair removal, but someone told me my skin is too dark.” This type of statement could be completely inaccurate, but could keep someone from getting the care they need to enjoy silky smooth skin. The fact is that laser hair removal is an excellent solution for many men and women who want to throw away their razor for good. To help you move forward with treatment for your underarms, bikini area, legs, arms, face, or other area, we are ready to bust some of the common myths about laser hair removal.

Myth: My Hair Will Grow Back Thicker After Laser Hair Removal.

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Let’s think about this. If laser hair removal caused MORE hair growth, this procedure would be used to treat baldness instead! Laser devices have existed for many years, and have been shown to effectively destroy follicles in the area of concern. Because hair growth patterns can change in any person over time, it is possible that hair will grow in a place it never has before. However, treated follicles should remain inactive for many years.

Myth: Certain Colors Of Hair Cannot Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal.

The only shades of hair that cannot be treated with laser hair removal are gray and white. Other than these two shades, most other colors will be affected by today’s advanced laser technology. It is important to know that lighter hair, due to the lack of pigment, may take longer to treat than richer tones.

Myth: Certain Skin Tones Cannot Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal.

Like hair color, skin color has historically played a role in the effectiveness of laser hair removal. This is because older technology could be impeded by darker tones, which would absorb more light than the hair in follicles. Today, laser hair removal is suited to a wide range of skin and hair colors. People with darker skin may require more sessions that those with lighter skin.

Myth: A Longer Hair Removal Session Will Achieve Lasting Results.

No. Hair grows in cycles, and laser technology can only target hairs that are currently in follicles. A longer treatment will do nothing to expedite the end result of care. The suggested protocol will be developed around your hair growth cycle, with each session targeting the hairs that are actively growing at the time.

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