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A Bright Side To Acne?

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Many people struggle with acne, particularly during the already-troublesome teenage years. The development of acne brings with it a host of concerns. Will I be made fun of? Will my skin be scarred for life? Will my confidence be scarred for life? These are just a few of the questions that may flood the mind when it looks like acne has set up shop for the long haul.

Fresno dermatologist Dr. Kathleen Behr understands the nuances of the different types of acne. She works diligently with patients to bring the problem under control in order to minimize the risk of long-term scarring. While you may be ready to seek care for your frequent breakouts, know that there may actually be a bright side to your current struggle.

Younger Skin, Brought to you Courtesy of Pimples
It isn’t the pimples actually, but the general characteristics that make one prone to acne in the first place, that may pave the way for younger looking skin throughout adulthood. That’s right! Researchers from King’s College in London studied the aging processes of individuals with acne, and those who rarely, if ever, developed blemishes. They, like many dermatologists, found that those who suffered acne in their youth tended to look younger as they aged. The real reason behind this phenomenon is thought to be the thicker skin that many acne sufferers have, as well as their more active oil glands.

Yes, But . . .
We hear you. So what about the future benefits of oily, broken-out skin! What about now? Acne is most definitely a problem that we take seriously. Dr. Behr is aware of the various acne treatments that have been proven efficient at clearing up existing breakouts and inhibiting further problems. She also stays abreast of the latest developments in dermatologic care that aim to mitigate the inherent risk factors for acne.

Acne care is customized to your individual needs. In some instances, topical prescription solutions can destroy acne-causing bacteria and reduce the oiliness of the skin. We may couple prescription treatment with an acne facial, laser treatments, oral medication, and high-quality skin care products to achieve the desired result quickly and to promote long-lasting dermatologic health.

Acne is not a condition that you have to live with. End your struggle. Call our office at (559) 435-SKIN (7546).


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