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Be Flawless With Fresno Laser Hair Removal

Having so much unwanted hair in noticeable parts of the body, like the underarms and the legs, must really be visually annoying and embarrassing, especially when wearing clothes that completely expose these parts. But gone are those unflattering days with Fresno laser hair removal.

Dr. Kathleen L. Behr provides the most advanced technology in hair removal with the new Light Sheer ET and the Light Sheer Duet diode lasers. Both of these lasers produce highly concentrated light beams that can easily be absorbed by the pigment found in one’s hair follicles.

The difference

The Light Sheer diode works by using a chilled tip which will be responsible in removing hair located in the smallest parts of the body such as the ears or the upper lips. On the other hand, the Light Sheer Duet uses a larger tip measuring 22 x 35 mm that provides an innovative hair removal technique, reducing more treatment times. This technology is the first of its kind in Central Valley.

The best candidates

The laser hair removal treatment can produce the best outcomes by targeting dark pigments found in hair follicles. This means the treatment works best with people with black or brown hair and works less on people with gray or blond hair. However, white, Asian, and Hispanic people with skin types I-IV may also benefit from this procedure.

Other information

The chilled tip of the Light Sheer ET makes the procedure comfortable for the patient. Meanwhile, the vacuum assist technology of the Light Sheer Duet makes the treatments less painful. It will usually take about six treatments to get maximum results since there is about a 20% hair growth reduction in every treatment. Although the number of treatments may vary from each patient, there will be available packages that can be availed at a discounted rate.

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