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Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Tattoos are easily obtainable from a number of artists and facilities. However, if you find yourself regretting the decision to get a tattoo or just need a change – it is important to have your tattoo removed by a licensed medical professional.

Only a medical professional can ensure a safe and efficient removal of your tattoo, minimizing scarring and potential for infection.

Dr. Behr only uses the RevLite laser for tattoo removals. RevLite is the latest technology in tattoo removal and is successful at removing tattoos with full deep colors – often the hardest to remove.

No matter what type of laser your medical professional uses, it is very likely that you will need as many as half a dozen treatments in order to completely remove your tattoo. Fortunately Dr. Behr offers package deals and discounts for patients who require this many treatments. We want to make your removal process as simple and affordable as possible.

If you’re considering a tattoo removal treatment do not fear that the process with be painful – it should not be more painful than original tattoo application. In fact, our patients mostly report that tattoo removal feels just as uncomfortable as repeated snapping of a small rubber band against the skin.

Don’t live with tattoo regret or let an unsightly tattoo hold you back from professional or social situations. Contact Dr. Behr today to start down the path to safe and effective tattoo removal.

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