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CellFX® Procedure

The CellFX® procedure is an innovative laser treatment that safely removes benign skin spots, bumps or growths.

What is CellFX®?

The CellFX® procedure is an innovative laser treatment that clears common skin conditions, such as benign spots, bumps or growths known as “lesions”. Most common skin lesions are made up of abnormal cells, which CellFX® targets. The procedure clears cells in the treatment zone while avoiding the surrounding non-cellular dermis (layers of skin tissue), helping to prevent unnecessary damage and minimize the risk of scarring.


What is a skin lesion?

A lesion is the medical term for a portion of skin that features an irregular appearance compared to the healthy skin surrounding it. A lesion is typically made up of abnormal cells, caused by malformations of the structure of the skin.
On your skin’s surface, a lesion can appear as a bump, spot, or growth. It can be flat or raised, pigmented or clear, and can appear anywhere on the face and body. While the lesion appears on the surface of your skin, most cells of a lesion extend underneath the surface into the deeper layers of your skin (the dermis) and can reside at unknown depths. Multiple factors, including the natural aging process, can cause various types of lesions.

How does the CellFX® procedure work?

The CellFX® procedure uses an innovative technology that works at the cellular level where the skin problem is rooted. The technology utilizes ultrafast electrical energy pulses to alter cells in the treatment zone, stimulating a gradual clearing of the cells that lead to the regeneration of new cells, while keeping the healthy collagen foundation unharmed.

How CellFX® works

Can multiple lesions be treated in one procedure?

Yes, multiple lesions and lesion types may be treated in one procedure session. Each lesion can be treated in a matter of seconds, so it is practical to have multiple lesions treated in a single procedure. During your consultation, your provider will design a personalized treatment plan for you.

How long does the CellFX® procedure take?

The CellFX® treatment is often quick. After the preparation time of each lesion, the actual time of the CellFX® procedure session is typically 15 minutes depending on the number of lesions to be treated. Treatment of each lesion usually requires only 10-15 seconds of pulsing.

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