Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction

If you have excess cellulite on your body, Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction may be right for you. Schedule your appointment in Fresno, CA today.

Cellulite is a common concern that many of us deal with. When our bodies take on extra stubborn fat, lump and skin dimple formation becomes more common. The appearance of cellulite is more prominent in women due to the different distribution of fat, muscle, and connective tissue between the two genders. If you’ve noticed an increase in cellulite around your body, our Cellfina® cellulite reduction treatment may be the perfect choice for you. Schedule your appointment at our Fresno, CA center today to ease excess fat and get the skin you’ve always wanted.

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What Is Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction?

Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction addresses the connective bands of fat in the thighs and buttocks that act as the primary structural cause of cellulite. These bands pull down the skin, creating the puckering you see on its surface as a result of this concern. Cellfina® loosens these bands, allowing your skin to smooth itself out. The major benefit of this treatment is that it can be performed in under an hour and requires little post-treatment downtime.

What Does This Device Treat?

Cellfina® was primarily designed and has been FDA-approved for cellulite reduction. The main benefits of trusting this treatment are the minimal downtime needed afterward and the rapid results that can be achieved. If you struggle with excess dimpling or lumps on your thighs, this treatment can be just what you’re looking for.

How Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction Work?

The cellulite reduction procedure can typically be performed in less than an hour. At the start of your session, we will first begin by marking your cellulite dimples. Then, we will deliver a local numbing agent followed by the treatment itself. The entire process takes a little under an hour and is generally well tolerated. Though some mild discomfort may be experienced, we will do everything possible to make the session as easy on you as we can.

What Can I Expect?

Following your treatment, you will be able to go about the rest of your day but may want to take it easy for up to 24 hours. Noticeable results can be seen in as little as three days and those results will still be evident three years after treatment. There is limited downtime associated with Cellfina®. As such, you may experience initial soreness and tenderness, but these side effects resolve quickly with time.

Before and After Cellfina® Results

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Cellfina® Cellulite Reduction in Fresno, California

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