Why More Women are Getting ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation Fresno CAThe conversation about women’s health is incomplete if we do not acknowledge the importance of a healthy and responsive vagina. For too long, too many women have lived with the frustrating symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Yes, the vagina will naturally change in response to pregnancy and age. However, these changes don’t have to have power over any aspect of your life. Here, we discuss why more women are treating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy with ThermiVa, and why you may want to get more information on this treatment, too.

  • ThermiVa is a comfortable, non-surgical treatment. The process of inducing collagen production in the lining of the vaginal canal is so gentle that the procedure can be performed without any anesthetic whatsoever – and without any pain. During treatment, the vagina feels warm due to the absorption of radiofrequency energy.
  • The collagen rebuilding that occurs after a short series of ThermiVa treatments strengthens and firms the muscles that facilitate bladder control. Therefore, this treatment holds immense functional value for women with stress urinary incontinence.
  • More collagen in the vaginal lining means better sexual function, which means more enjoyable sex. ThermiVa increases the nourishment of the cells and tissues in the vagina and, in so doing, supports natural lubrication that makes sex more comfortable.
  • Women who experience an improvement in vaginal tone and lubrication subsequently experience heightened self-confidence. The changes that occur after ThermiVa aren’t anything anyone can see, but they make a significant difference in the way a woman feels in her own skin.
  • Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable. There is no downtime after treatment and sessions take less than an hour. When you leave our Fresno office after your treatment, you can go right back to work, to the mall, or to the gym. There are no restrictions!

Dr. Behr is an experienced dermatologist who has expanded her knowledge of training in the latest techniques and devices. The Thermi platform uses controlled energy to improve the appearance and overall resilience of the skin. ThermiVa has become one of the most popular rejuvenating procedures, and we are proud to offer it in our office. To learn more or schedule your treatment, call 559-435-SKIN (7546).

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