Vaginal Rejuvenation: ThermiVa for the Win!

Our mothers and grandmothers did not have terms like “vaginal atrophy” and “vaginal rejuvenation,” but they certainly experienced the symptoms of getting older. Childbirth and aging can have a profound effect on a woman’s intimate wellness. For too long, there seemed to be no solution in sight. Today, doctors not only have surgical treatments like labiaplasty but also nonsurgical solutions that can quickly and effectively deal with the changes a woman experiences as her body grows older. We are proud to offer ThermiVa as an intimate solution many women will love.

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that has helped thousands of women feel like themselves again. The radiofrequency platform has been designed for internal and external areas using a small, comfortable wand. The brief treatment works by stimulating collagen remodeling. Like the skin on the body, the lining of the vaginal canal relies on collagen and elastin for structure, lubrication, and strength. With age, this intimate area of the body, as well as the labia, do not receive the amounts of these chemicals as is necessary. As a result, a woman may struggle with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms.

What ThermiVa can Accomplish

Numerous studies have confirmed the collagen-remodeling capabilities of radiofrequency energy. ThermiVa takes this powerful form of energy and delivers it in controlled pulses that heat subcutaneous tissue. Immediately after the procedure, the body begins sending more collagen to the vagina and labia, resulting in several improvements. These include:

  • Increased vaginal tightness
  • Reduction in stress urinary incontinence
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Greater nerve sensitivity for improved sexual pleasure
  • Improved comfort through labia reshaping

An energy-based treatment may sound ideal for the skin on the face or neck, but the vaginal area? Yes! This platform was made specifically for the labia and vaginal canal. Patients tolerate treatment well without the need for an anesthetic. The wand that is used during treatment measures only half an inch wide. Temperature-control settings ensure that just enough energy is absorbed to stimulate tissue remodeling. Patients experience few side effects after their procedure. Some report minor cramping that lasts 24 hours or less. Because ThermiVa is a gentle, minimally-invasive procedure, patients can go right back to all of their normal activities after their appointment, including sex.

Your intimate wellness matters. To learn more about ThermiVa non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, call our Fresno office at (559) 435-7546.

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