Get Rid of the Veins with Sclerotherapy

The appearance of varicose and spider veins on one’s legs can make them look unattractive. It is probably every woman’s dilemma to have venous legs, especially when their wardrobe permits them to expose those legs. Sporting venous legs in public can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. However, a solution to this problem has already been invented – that is, sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy in Fresno

This non-surgical procedure has already been widely to eliminate varicose veins, especially spider veins. Having one to six treatments, this is usually an alternative to surgery. Each session of the entire treatment can already eliminate 50% to 80% of the noticeable veins on a patient’s leg. But the results would still depend on the client’s compliance after therapy.

Post-procedure care

Immediately following procedure, the patient may already resume to her daily activities. Post-treatment, the patient is advised to walk around for at least 30 minutes while a 10-minute walk is advised to those patients who still has an hour or more of travel right after treatment. This walking routine is recommended for six weeks since this exercise reduces the pressure in one’s superficial veins, minimizing the post-procedural risk of thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis to the patient.

Importance of stockings

During the patient’s waking hours, it is recommended to leave compression stockings on, even upon going to bed. However, when it causes discomfort during sleep, it is best to just take them off. In handling stockings, it is advised to wear rubber gloves to protect them from getting ruined by fingernails. When visiting the doctor for an appointment, it is also advised to bring the compression stockings with you.

Sclerotherapy may produce itching and redness on the injection site, but these will subside after a few days. To learn more about the risks and outcomes of the procedure, contact Dr. Kathleen Behr and our experts at 559-435-SKIN (7546) and book an appointment today.

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