Brown Spot Removal

What Lasers Are Used To Remove Brown Spots?

Dr. Behr has multiple laser and light systems to help remove brown spots. One of the laser that she uses is the Revlite Laser, which she also uses for her Photorejuvenation Treatment. The Revlite Laser uses beams of light to with high energy pulses in order to remove skin discolorations such as brown spots, acne scars, freckles, and more. 

What Spots Can Be Removed With Laser Treatment?

Flat age spots, freckles, brown spots and birthmarks (cafe-au-lait and Nevus of Ota) can be removed with the Revlite laser. Freckles, sun spots and age spots can also be removed with the elos IPL system. Sometimes a combination or series of different lasers are used for the best results. The laser treatments are combined with skin care including sunscreen and sometimes a skin lightening cream.

What Causes Age Spots?

Age spots, also known as brown spots, are caused by the skin’s exposure to excess UV light. While this typically comes from spending too much time in the sun without using adequate sun block, there are other causes. If you spend time in tanning beds, have a suffered from an injury, or have a genetic predisposition, you are more likely to develop brown spots. People with pale skin are more at risk for these age spots to appear.

How To Prevent Brown Spots

The best way to avoid or limit the development of brown/age spots is to make sure to be smart when you are in the sun. Limit the amount of time you spend exposed to UV rays without protection. Make sure to always apply sunscreen (UVA or UVB) when you plan to spend prolonged time in the sun. Wearing UV-blocking clothing is also a smart option for those who are at risk. Most importantly, know if you are more at risk and take the steps to prevent development of brown spots and other skin related issues.

How Many IPL Treatments Will I Need?

That depends on the lesions being treated and the patients response. Some lesions are removed in one treatment while others do better with a series. Dr. Behr and her certified nurses will evaluate your skin to determine your needs.

Laser Spot Removal Recovery Time

Often the lesions get darker and slightly crusty for about 5-7 days. During this time an antibiotic ointment will be applied and sun avoidance is important.

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