Vanquish (Eliminate Fat Cells)

How does Vanquish procedure work?

Vanquish is a revolutionary, non-invasive Selective RF system designed to deliver energy to specific areas of your body to eliminate fat cells.  Vanquish device eliminates fat without ever touching your body.  It selectively delivers energy to fat with virtually no risk of overheating of the skin, muscles or internal organs.  The treatment causes natural death of fat cells (Apoptosis), proven by scientific research.

Who is a candidate for Vanquish?

Vanquish is for patients who have areas of unwanted fat.   Vanquish is not a weight reduction treatment, or a substitute for surgical methods such as liposuction or gastric bypass.

How long does each treatment last and how many treatments will I need?

You will receive 4-6 treatments with each treatment lasting 30-45 minutes.  After series of treatments are complete, Dr. Behr will evaluate to determine if further treatments may be needed.

Is it safe and pain–free?  What are the side effects?

Vanquish has been scientifically proven and clinically tested on the abdomen and love handles and proven to be safe and effective.  There is no pain associated with Vanquish treatments.  During the treatment you will feel a mild to moderate heat sensation.  Side effects are minimal and include mild redness, warmth, and tissue tenderness.

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